Come along with me?

1077393_366000506886602_7597518057684632582_oAs I began to think about all the writing I’d like to do in the coming days about my trip to Togo, an old burden resurfaced. I love to inform through my writing. Reading can be terribly boring sometimes, and let’s face it, most of us only visit a blog like this because someone shared the link and we got a little bit curious. I’d love for you to come and stay awhile, and I realize that if I’m asking you to do that, I need to give something in return.

The burden I’ve had on my heart has been centered around ministering to women and girls in some way. I haven’t yet figured out what exactly God means for me to do, and most of my friends know that this blog has been a tad ADD over the years, changing topics – nothing wrong with that – and a couple of times, even name changes. I battled with a self titled blog, and if I’m being honest, I still do. But, many writers have blogs that are self titled, and contrary to my thought that it’s quite a prideful thing, I’ve resigned myself to the belief that it’s simply a way to share one’s own work and nothing more.

As I continue to seek God’s will for my life concerning a ministry to women, I realize there is much that can be done in the meantime. A Facebook post scrolled on my timeline this very morning inviting bloggers to join a website called Good Morning Girls as they blog through the Bible. What a neat idea, and surely I cannot be the only one who struggles with consistency in my Bible study! [Read more...]

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Eyes Wide Open

905864_357783621041624_5509215370761931356_oI never know how to start posts like these. I want them to be all pretty and neat and to sound like I really have my thoughts together as I sit down to write. Truth is, I don’t. I’ve just returned from a trip I’ve been planning for more than half a year, and I have so much I need to say, yet the words just don’t yet seem to want to escape my heart. Like many have said before me, writing is like bleeding on the page. Perhaps that’s why I’m finding things so difficult to put into words since our plane landed in the capitol city of Togo, West Africa. Because what has been going through my head the last three weeks is just about impossible to put into words.

When the family and I sat down to have dinner with friends one cold evening last November, little did I know the conversation that would follow would be life changing for me. Dear old friends I hadn’t seen in quite sometime shared the story about how their son started a ministry a few years back, and that this ministry is now reaching remote villages in both Togo, West Africa and Giotin, Haiti. “You should talk to David, Tami. I think you should consider going to Africa with him,” his mother told me, describing what the team does during their 2-week trips. To be honest, in my mind, I completely dismissed her suggestion. After all, I’m the girl who, from the time I was a young teenager, would pray and tell God “I’ll do anything you want me to do, Lord, I really will…but I’d really appreciate it if you’d not send me to Africa.” I really said that, and I really meant it. Africa seemed hard, and I wasn’t willing to do hard. What I’ve learned over the years is that God really does have a sense of humor. I walked out of Cracker Barrel that night, and for the life of me, could not get Africa or that ministry off my mind.

And so began this journey. [Read more...]

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Little By Little, Inch By Inch…

For a little over 3 weeks now I have consistently taken the trip down to my basement gym, and lifted like a beast. (Okay I realize that’s not funny to anyone not doing ‪the program I’m on, sorry about that!)

I’ve had days when the old me really tried to convince the current me I’d rather be doing just about anything else.

My progress is slow and steady, and while I can’t much SEE results yet, you can bet I FEEL them. I’m so thankful I found something and a group of someone’s who motivated me to get off the sofa and make it happen. I’ve had awesome coaches & awesome fitness routines before, and loved them, but mentally I wasn’t all in. Something has changed, I can feel it. I’m all in on this one. I realize no one can do this but me, and for the very first time, I believe I can actually do this. That, my friends, is huge progress. [Read more...]

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New Goals + High Expectations = One Excited Girl

I started week two of my Body Beast program yesterday, and I mentioned that I’d be restarting next week (but in my head I’ll always be 2 weeks ahead!). The reason for that is that I was accepted into a new supergroup that was formed by 10 of the most successful bodybuilders at Beach Body, a group they are calling “Year of the Beast”. The supergroup will use Body Beast for an entire year, begin together on day one next week, and have very strict guidelines to adhere to or be booted from the group. The cool thing is that Sagi Kalev, creator of the Body Beast program, will be joining us and coaching us along the way. He made some very exciting announcements tonight that have me more excited than ever.

This news came on a very discouraging day for me. The hubs woke me up this morning and suggested we go for a hike, so I got up, ate some breakfast and we headed out. My ankle had been bothering me a bit the last couple of days, but it hasn’t been anything major, so I really didn’t think much of it. The higher we climbed, the worse it got, and by the time we turned around (after I couldn’t take it anymore), I could barely put any pressure on it. Thanks to Epsom Salts, an ice pack and an Ace bandage, tonight it’s feeling much better. I have to admit, I got downright ticked off…isn’t it just about right that seemingly every time we start something we’re super excited about, an obstacle pops up and too often, we let it stop us? Yep…that’s been me for years. Not gonna happen this time. [Read more...]

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Body Beast Week 2 Begins


Week #2 began today, my workout officially ended just after midnight. Some days I enjoy it more than others, and though I waited until way too late in the night to lift, I enjoyed tonight’s Chest/Tricep workout immensely.

Above is the photo of my glamorous home gym. It’s not pretty, but it works and the gas is pretty cheap to get me there. I told you a few posts ago that I used to do Crossfit, and while I loved it when I actually made it to class (and if I’m being honest, I tended to be hit or miss, especially the last year), the amount of money spent on a half hour drive there and back was KILLING the wallet. I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses though…I’m proving to myself right now that where there’s a will, there IS a way to work out. The not-so-cozy home gym we have has been accumulated over probably 8 years or more, and until recently, sat in our basement collecting dust…it was purchased from used equipment stores, garage sales and friends who were getting rid of their own never-used equipment. It’s a smorgasbord, but I’m pretty thankful we held onto it, because now I don’t have to spend anything except add a few small weights for the teenager who’s joining me for my workouts. We have a few things we’d really like to add as finances permit, and one is some sort of cardio machine for those cold, snowy winter months when hiking or biking isn’t doable. For the record, the program I’m doing requires very little equipment – dumbbells and a bench or a ball are all that is absolutely necessary. [Read more...]

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Miracles Do Happen: Body Beast Week One Is In The Bag

successWell, folks, I did it. I normally have a real knack for jumping into things with both feet, going full guns, and fizzling fast because life will inevitably happen and shake things up. Because of that, I kept the goals simple this week: work out every day according to plan, drink at least one protein shake in place of a meal, and up my water intake. That’s it. I didn’t even try to think about my eating.

I had hoped to get up and work out first thing each morning, and that didn’t happen…a couple days I ended up working out late at night. While that’s not a huge deal, working out is like caffeine for me, so I ended up turning in much later than usual on those nights. I did, however, sleep like a baby. My upper body workouts were killer, my lower body workouts left much to be desired, but they were completed and I even added a 2 hour hike on Monday afternoon. [Read more...]

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