Here’s Looking at You, 2023

Any time we approach a brand new year, there’s the expectation that we need a fresh, new list of goals. Recently I’ve seen tons of people posting a word, or three, that they hope will define their year. A theme, I guess. 

Words and goals are nice. There’s not a thing wrong with goals, so long as those we set are realistic. There’s something incredibly discouraging about setting goals so far-fetched the chance of meeting them is slim to zilch. 

What’s the point? To discourage yourself? Unfortunately, that’s how things usually end for me. 

This year, I’ve decided to be very specific and conservative in my approach. A few weeks ago I decided I’d like to begin writing daily again, so instead of waiting, I started. Right away. I’m almost two weeks in and missed one day — Christmas Day — but picked right up where I left off the day after, and am continuing. There are two additional things I’d like to implement in 2023: 

First, just 15 minutes of movement every day. There’s not a single good reason why I can’t do so. I’m following the lead of @NurseKateJohnson on Instagram. She walks a ton. Every day. With her kids and husband. I can increase that goal once 15 minutes becomes a habit. As sedentary as I’ve been in recent months, that time span is a fantastic starting place. 

Second, I’m going to start a journal and list all the things I’m grateful for, adding at least one thing to it each day. I’ve talked a lot recently about living with expectancy — when we are actively looking for things for which we are thankful, we’re sure to find them. The same goes for negativity. I promise, when we look for things to complain about, we’re most definitely going to find them.

Try it! When you actively choose gratitude over discontent, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your thinking shifts. 

Do you set goals for each new year? What are they? Comment below! 

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